Friday, 6 April 2012

Sample Libraries

Been playing around with my old samplers today - just dusted off my old Akai S1100. What a great sampler it was (and still is!) Built like a ruddy tank and weigh's the same too..

It has a built-in effect section which is brilliant - superb delay's and reverbs, the only problem is preset levels of fx send - 0, 14, 29, 43, 57, 71, 86 and 100%

Being old I need to fix a few things - a new floppy drive (that'll be tricky I reckon) and a new lcd backlight which is easy enough to find on the web. I can probably make do without the disk drive as I have the S1100 scsi'd up to the mac, zip and CD-Rom, so I can easily load and save files - I have the latest os on a Zip too. Another bonus is using BIAS' Peak audio editor via SCSI and also Propellerheads' ReCycle (v1.xx) as it sends the file as a patch with all the samples allocated to keys automatically - which is brilliant to drum loops.

I also managed to snag CD-Roms for it ages ago on Ebay for an absolute bargain. Imported them into Reason using ReLoad - they make a great ReFill!

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