Sunday, 22 June 2014

Korg SQD-8

Some pictures of my first sequencer, the Korg SQD-8. A great bit of kit (shame about the quick Disc format). I pretty much used this to death, in fact I probably did more with this than I have with any DAW so far with only a Akai X7000, Kawai K1r, Roland MKS-70 and TR-505. Coming up with ideas seems more intuitive when you're using hardware or something physical to interact with other than a mouse and a screen.  - well in my opinion anyway, I'm sure there are people that will disagree.

It wasn't short of features either - certainly comparable to most DAWS of the time - Logic 4 I think? and it was great for gigging with. One disk could hold up to 16 tracks of midi drum files, more than enough for a pub gig :-)

Enjoy the pics..

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