Monday, 7 October 2013

Roland S-550

Managed to pick up a Roland S-550 sampler to go with my S-750 - I always wanted a 550 back when they were new, but back then I could never have afforded one, I had to settle for an Akai X7000 which I bought brand new for £600 ( probably paid that again in stupid Quick Disks ).

Well, going back to the S-550 which I picked up on E-bay. It only cost me just under £76, which is a complete bargain and is absolutely mint. Unfortunately the drive is pretty much knackered (bugger). But, luckily I've sourced a new one from the USA and is en-route - alas another £44 but what can you do?

I did try a stock Maplin floppy drive which plugged in perfectly but the sampler wasn't playing ball with it - might be the jumpers, but I've no idea how to set them up.

Anyways, here a pic of the sampler guts - really straightforward to replace the floppy (unlike an Akai S1100).

Roland S550 with floppy removed
Roland S-550 guts with floppy removed.