Monday, 17 November 2008

Studio Cleanup

Well, I spent Sunday re-arranging my racks, deciding that I didn't like the position of my Roland S-750 being stuck at the top (now at a more useable middle location). But what a nightmare! It's not as simple as when I only had a Akai X7000, Roland MKS-70 and TR-505 Drum machine, Kawai K1r and a Korg SQD-8 Sequencer. What's that? 7 audio and 4 midi cables! I now have 25+ midi devices going through two Opcode Studio 5LX's, so that's over 50 midi leads.

One patch bay and two 12 channel mixers full of audio leads - roughly 35 of. IT's a major challenge unplugging, moving and re-connecting them, keeping a track sheet, then building a fresh OMS studio set-up and Patchbay list.
Completely knackering and rewarding in equal measures though.

I still need to fix a bug in my G3 (os 9.2, 500 mhz) where the midi seems to freeze every now and then. More than likely a extension that needs to be removed. I also need to make a useable library of patches, I've got Opcode's Galaxy and also MidiQuest. That should keep me busy for a week or two....

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